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Shocker: New ‘Transformers 3′ Images Feature Explosions

If you think Michael Bay movies are just mind-numbing explosion-fests, you’re totally right. At least, that’s what these screenshots from Transformers: Dark of the Moon seem to confirm. In the photos, you see a big explosion, which soldiers are running from, a slightly more subtle explosion, which Shia LaBeouf is running from, and a scene in which LaBeouf is protecting Rosie “Not Megan Fox” Huntington-Whiteley from — I’m guessing — an off-screen explosion.

I didn’t see Transformers 2, but my understanding is that all I missed were a bunch of racist transform-o-bots. However, the first Transformers movie focused a lot on the stupid boring humans, and these pictures show a bunch of stupid boring humans. So for the next batch of pictures, let’s see some sports cars that turn into ninjas or something.

Transformers 3 explodes in 3D theaters on July 1st (Collider, SpoilerTV)

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