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Set Pic Round-Up: ‘Spidey’, ‘Men In Black III-y’, and ‘Wrath of the Titans-y’

This round up of set pics proudly features on-set looks at two blockbusters and one film that everyone involved promises will be better than the first one.

Let’s start with The Amazing Spider-Man. In the first photo, star Andrew Garfield is told to pose “as though he was appearing in a JC Penney back-to-school ad.” Needless to say, he nailed it. We’ve also got Martin Sheen at his Martin Sheeniest, Sally Field quite simply bringin’ it, and Rhys Ifans needing medical attention for a pretty wicked neck rash. If these photos don’t wanna make you see The Amazing Spider-Man…then…I dunno…maybe some later photos will or something.

6 photosThings Are Looking Quite Jiggy On The 'MIB III' Set

Then we’ve got the large scale arts and crafts project that also doubles as the Wrath of the Titans set. I have seen hundreds, if not thousands, of catapults in my day, and I would say this one falls squarely in the middle. Pretty unremarkable. Much like this film will be.

Finally, we’ve got MIB III set pics featuring Bill Hader as Andy Warhol for reason unknown. We’ve also got a bunch of shirtless men in shiny silver pants. After last weeks gallery (attached) I’m getting the impression that Will Smith’s “rewrite” may have turned the beloved alien franchise into a homoerotic all-male revue. Whatever. We’ll call it a lateral move.

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