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See Your Favorite Stars Standing Around In Set Photos From ‘Safe House’

The upcoming CIA thriller Safe House promises action, suspense, intrigue, and Denzel Washington looking like a crazy person. Unfortunately, these set photos from the movie only have one of those things, unless a picture of Ryan Reynolds on a motorcycle counts as “action.” The movie, which is set to come out in early 2012, is about the character played by Ryan Reynolds,  “Matt Weston, a CIA agent, who must escort rogue ex-agent Tobin Frost, played by Washington, to safety after assassins destroyed their original safe house.” Anyway, check out the photos, but only if you’re in a safe, secure location unknown by enemy agents. (via Latino Review)

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  1. March 8, 2011 10:39 am


    They have been shooting this movie in Cape Town, South Africa. Seen quite a few pictures of the actors around the city.

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