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See Photos From ‘The Skin That I Live In’ Without Subtitles

Pedro Almodovar‘s upcoming horror-and-other-weird-stuff movie The Skin That I Live In is going to be pretty creepy, if the teaser trailer released last week is any indication (which it is). In case you’re not in the know, it’s has something to do with a plastic surgeon played by Antonio Banderas and some kind of weird quasi-human female creature.

Anyway, these photos are going to be hauled away to Boredom Jail for being too interesting any time soon, but they do give you some idea of what the movie will look like, at least in its more subdued scenes. And there’s a shot of Almodovar behind the camera, looking a little like David Lynch. Yeah, I’m the guy at parties who’s always talking about which directors look like one another. (The Playlist)

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