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Say Hello To Green Lantern’s Little Friend In Newly Released Stills

Looks like Warner Bros has hit a wall. They want to keep releasing preview stills for their upcoming Green Lantern, but they don’t want to spoil too much. So now they’re releasing high quality version of images we saw in the trailer. That’s fine by me – I can’t get enough of Chicken Fish McGee, even in marketing reruns.

In frame one, Hal Jordan is imagi-ring-ing a machine gun slash acceptable nightlight. In the second photo, Ryan Reynolds admits to Tomar-Re (Geoffrey Rush) that he’s reluctant about joining the puffy chest club. Finally, in still three, it’s Green Lantern Corps party and the green gang’s all here, but Reynolds has a long face. Maybe he just got text-dumped by his girlfriend cause he’s spending so much time on planet Oa now. She never sees him anymore.

Green Lantern lands in theaters June 17th, 2011 – hopefully with more than just the footage from the WonderCon trailer. (Cinema Blend)

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