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Renee Olstead

An actress since age eight, Renee Olstead is best known these days for her work on “The Secret Life on the American Teenager.” As of yesterday, she’s also known for a series of racy cellphone pictures that took the intertubes by storm and no doubt bought her at least a hash tag or two of additional starpower. But Olstead is more than just a teen actress/tabloid item; she’s also a musician with five studio albums to her name and a penchant for smoky jazz singles, in addition to being an accomplished big game hunter with an 87 percent kill rate and 12 full-grown bucks under her belt. That’s what I heard anyway.

A word from Renee: “Some kids my age experiment with drugs, I experiment with music.”

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  1. March 18, 2011 10:58 am


    She’s a vegan and an animal lover. No way she’s a big game hunter.

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