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‘Red Riding Hood’ Show Its Teeth In New Stills

As a follow up to the official trailer released earlier, the producers of Red Riding Hood have released seven official images from their edgy-but-still-Twilight-y take on the tale. Judging from the stills, it appears the big takeaway is that Amanda Seyfried‘s protagonist, Valerie, is really, really red. Critical reaction to the trailer and the PG-13 rating has been that, despite Catherine Hardwick’s involvement as director and the promise of a more gothic telling of the story, the film will be watered-down enough to pander to the fickle teen demographic.

These stills don’t do much to validate or debunk that criticism, though their reminiscence of Sleepy Hollow is somewhat promising. The story begins with a love triangle between Seyfried, her fiance Henry, and an orphaned woodcutter named Peter, but the romance is downplayed as a wolf-like creature begins to terrorize the village.

It’s hard to tell what to make of the story, as the stills are dazzling, but, then again, production stills usually are. The story and acting will end up driving the reception of this film, and no amount of pics will be able to convey what’s going on with those. However, if the movie plays up the impressive imagery in its promotion, there’s a chance this movie could get an audience out of more than just Twilight-deprived teens and tweens. (Screen Rant)

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