Monday, February 14 by

Nichole Hiltz

Before scoring a regular role on USA Network’s “In Plain Sight,” Nichole Hiltz could be seen in guest spots on shows from “The Shield” to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and just about everything in between. She’s also displayed a notable comedy streak, appearing in sketches for Human Giant, as well as the film version of Canadian mockumentary show “Trailer Park Boys” alongside former fiance Mike Smith. That’s the guy who played Bubbles. I’m assuming the guy has an awesome personality.

Nichole on her career: “Afte high school, I was taking film acting classes in Boston and nobody ever really told me that I couldn’t. It’s weird doing this now; it’s almost like I never looked up, I never took the time to be scared of it, and now I’m doing it and madly in love with it. It’s the best relationship I have in my life.”

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