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New ‘Super 8′ Stills Show Everything (But The Monster)

Everybody wants to see the alien monster in J.J. AbramsSuper 8. So, naturally, Paramount gave the interwebs a ton of new pictures showing the film’s many, many humans. Eh, what’s the big deal? It’s just gonna turn out to be a Cloverfield.

New ‘Super 8′ Clip: Kids Are Afraid Of Guns And Monsters

Super 8 follows a bunch of teens shooting their own monster movie, only to accidentally film and bear witness to a train crash… but what crazy thing was inside? The previews have been excellent so far, and I’m still recording movies of my lazy cat with their iPhone app. In the above pictures, you’ll see the unsuspecting townsfolk, the stylized, Spielberg-ian children, and the military men who will probably end up taking orders or at least ideas from the children. From the mouths of babes come unexpected solutions to stopping monsters.

Starring Elle Fanning, Kyle Chandler and AJ Michalka, Super 8 crashes into theaters June 10, 2011. (Cinema Blend)

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