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New Set Photos Reveal Spider-Man’s Powers Are Wire-Based

“Let’s do everything on computers” has been the motto of action directors for the past too many years. You know, I pay good money to see dudes driving their cars into helicopters, and damn it, I wanna know they junked perfectly good, real life vehicles for my $38 IMAX 3D ticket. Looks like the Spider Senses of director Marc Webb and I are on the same page.

Above are new set photos from The Amazing Spider-Man. They show either Andrew Garfield or his spider-double swinging through the refreshing NYC air with the help of Hollywood wire magic. Unlike many of the past Spider-Man set photos, these actually look pretty cool. With elegant moves like these, who needs Black Swan or the frigid White Swan? By the way Black Swan could totally be a Spider-Man villain. Not a good one, but maybe one your little sister would have bought the action figure of.

The Amazing Spider-Man actually, not computerly, swings into theaters July 3, 2012. (Daily Mail)

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