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New Saw V Poster Promises a Surprise Ending In Case You Missed the First Four

The Saw series is a controversial one, but I personally think that it’s a really fun series that helped bring mainstream America back into its love affair with horrific torture. This poster for the fifth installment should stir up conversation amongst horror fans and give Alice in Chains fans a total boner.

The most intriguing part is obviously the text: "YOU WON’T BELIEVE HOW IT ENDS." I hope they mean that someone gets the best of Jigsaw by stealing all of his thunder. He wakes up inside of a big contraption and the voice starts talking, but before he can get into the game the victim just kills himself. Then, all that hard work setting up the machine and planning the game would be for naught. Jigsaw or whoever is doing this stuff now would just get discouraged and quit. He could use his mechanical skills to make children’s’ toys and everyone would live happily ever after.

That probably won’t happen though and it’ll just end with someone’s ribcage flying off.

Here’s the other poster so you can compare and contrast.

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