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New ‘Green Lantern’ Posters: Alien Freaks Striking Poses

The universe is gonna be saved by Ryan Reynolds, Forehead Man, Ugly Dog Face Man, and Chicken Fish: The Superhero. I feel safer already.

Here are the new posters for Green Lantern, which show the Green Lantern Corps in action-tastic stances. It looks like Chicken Fish, aka Tomar-Re (Geoffrey Rush) is gonna lob some green power right at ya, catapult style. You’ve also got Sinestro (Mark Strong) scowling mightily, probably because he had a bad day at the fantasy tanning salon. Kilowog’s (Michael Clarke Duncan) strategy is to distract you with his face while he punches you in yours. Hal Jordan is rolling his eyes while powering up, as if to say,”I am way too powerful to be posing for this poster.”

If you haven’t seen the new TV spot, you can check that out here. Or just wait until these aliens strike poses in your local theater on June 17, 2011. (Facebook)

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