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Mini Anden

There’s a good chance you’re wavering on whether or not to go see The Mechanic. It’s just Jason Statham with a gun after all, a sight you’ve seen so many times now you’re beginning to wonder why he doesn’t just get a damn glock surgically affixed to his arm. However, the fact that Swedish model Mini Anden is the film’s girl of interest should be enough to spawn some consideration. She’s tall, exceptionally good-looking, and I’m assuming she has some sort of insanely attractive accent that makes the whole package that much better. Take a look through this gallery and then decide whether a night of Statham-driven explosions, gunfire, and adrenaline is in your future.

A word from Mini: “If [filmmakers] ask you if you can ride a horse and you can sort of ride a horse you’ll say you can ride a horse.”

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