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Mad Max: Fury Road — Posters and Comic-Con Trailer

Mad Max: Fury Road won’t hit theaters until May 2015, but Warner Brothers has started teasing it with some early posters (see above) and a first-look trailer that dropped at Comic-Con on Saturday. So far, we like what we see.

Although Fury Road looks noticeably slicker than the gritty, grimy Mad Max trilogy that preceded it — 1979’s Mad Max, 1981’s The Road Warror, and 1985’s Beyond Thunderdome, all directed by George Miller — it’s still packed with the kind of post-apocalyptic mayhem that we’ve come to expect. Miller describes the fourth installment as a “105-minute chase scene through the wasteland.”

Check out the trailer below. Also, I just made this photo my computer background image, and you should too.

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