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‘Looper’ Set Photos: Future Cars Don’t Look Futurey Enough

Looper is the upcoming sci-fi film from director Rian Johnson, who helmed the indie film Brick for under $500,000. Some on-set photos give us a sneak peak at what cars will look like in the future, and they look like Budget Rent-A-Future-Cars. They don’t appear to have any of the future car extras I love, like hovering, crazy chrome exterior or laser cannons. They look like what cars will probably actually look like in the future, which to me is frustrating/boring/sad. A mix of emotions.

However, I’ve still got high hopes for Looper. The cast includes Bruce Willis, Paul Dano and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the plot is about future criminals who send their victims back in time to be killed. Hopefully, the future criminals are either hovering or have lasers. (ComingSoon, More Photos At OnLocationVacations)

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