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Linda Cardellini

Best identified with her leading role on TV cult classicFreaks and Geeks,” Linda Cardellini will make a short appearance in Super, out this week. Cardellini has spread her talents across a variety of mediums throughout her career, including voiceover work and several notable feature film roles. She’ll take the lead in Return, a film about a soldier returning home from Iraq, set to be released later this year.

A word from Linda: “[‘Freaks and Geeks‘] had so much humor and so much heart, and was so much more genuine to my experience in school, or my experience as an adolescent, compared to the other shows that I was reading. They all seemed to have a gimmick, whereas there really wasn’t a gimmick necessarily with this show, other than it was trying to be as true to how awkward it feels to be that age as possible.”

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