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Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor Kiss Each Other on the Mouth

I haven’t given a crap about a Jim Carrey movie in quite some time and, frankly, I’d like to punch him right in the face for what he did to The Grinch, but this picture of him getting ready to lay a wet one on Ewan McGregor have been stirring up some shit. It’s a still from I Love You Phillip Morris, which sounds like it’s going to be another attempt by Jim Carrey to make people stop yelling Ace Ventura quotes at him every five seconds.

I guess I could make some gay jokes at this point, but we all know that Jim Carrey goes home and gets it on with Jenny McCarthy every night so I guess the joke would really be on me. Anyway, here’s a picture of her to cleanse your visual palette.

Jenny McCarthy is shocked by Jim Carrey's Gay Kiss

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