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Jeri Ryan

“Star Trek: Voyager” alum Jeri Ryan is once again at the center of fanboy attention. This time it’s for her role as Sonya Blade on the new Mortal Kombat webseries, a part that has her kicking a great deal of ass and taking quite a few names. She’s concurrently starring on ABC’s “Body of Proof” as Dr. Kate Murphy. Rumor has it that Ryan once got her two characters mixed up and begain mercilessly beating up an actor playing an Alzheimer’s patient while repeatedly yelling “Finish him!” There were no fatalities.

A word from Jeri: “I could do without the Bubonic Plague.”

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  1. April 21, 2011 10:58 am


    In the divorce records Jeri accuses Jack of asking her to perform sexual acts in public. This, of coursework, ended Jack Ryan’s political career. He withdrew from the Senate race in Michigan that was finally won by Barack Obama in 2004. To think, they could have had a pervert as president again.


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