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Jennifer Love Hewitt Is A Prostitute (15 Pics)

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a no-good prostitute. No, really. The actress plays a housewife-turned-hooker in the new Lifetime original series, The Client List. I really think they should have named this show The Crotch Whisperer, but that’s just me. I wonder if she’ll take a party of five. Sorry.

The show is a spin-off of the 2010 Lifetime original movie of the same name, or so I’ve been told. I don’t normally watch networks geared towards women. Not because I’m sexist or anything. It’s more to do with the fact that they hire actresses like Jennifer Love Hewitt. But at any rate, in honor of J-Lo-Hew’s new role, here are 15 pictures of her looking like a prostitute.

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