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Jason Voorhees Gets a Much Un-needed Makeover

Friday the 13th fanatics thought they were done being tortured after they were subjected to super-robot-spaceman-Jason in Jason X. Unfortunately, judging by these pictures released form the set, it looks like the upcoming "reboot" of the 1980 classic might be like poking an ope machete wound. They’ve ditched the classic, one-piece, blue jumpsuit for a more fashionable ensemble made up of stuff that looks like it could’ve come right off the rack at Hollister. If you look closely, it probably says “Hollister Athletic Dept.” underneath that hip jacket. And while the mask looks acceptable, it looks like the big J is sporting a full head of blonde hair underneath. Give me the mentally challenged light-bulb head from the originals or give me nothing. In fact, please give me nothing. Unless he pulls that mask of and reveals that he’s actually Jessica Simpson, the hair is just unforgivable. Maybe, in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake (that’s happening even though it’s an affront to the movie gods) Freddy Kruger can bring terror to people’s dreams while decked out in a snazzy collared shirt, sweater vest combo.

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