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‘Insidious’ Poster Features Mandatory Scary Child

These days, you can’t have a horror movie without a frightening, possessed child. Has there ever been a horror movie about a spooky orphanage of possessed kids? You know, why am I even asking? There have probably been hundreds.

Here’s the new poster for Insideous by director James Wan (Saw), which is admittedly pretty freaky looking. It’s about “a¬†family [who] tries [to] prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose son in a realm called The Further forever.” Yikes. I hear The Further is, like, one of the worst realms ever. It’s got a pretty lousy review on Yelp.

Check out the poster below, along with some screenshots from the film. We’ve also got the trailer here. This April, get ready to catch your shrieking girlfriend as she cowers in your arms at the theater, then will have “thank god everything’s okay in real life” sex with you when you get home. (FirstShowing, Dread Central)

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    whats wrong with Justin Beiber’s eye

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