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In Honor Of ‘Family Guy Online’, Here Are 19 Grotesque ‘Family Guy’ Celebrity Caricatures

Abe Vigoda plays up his biggest feature: his oldness.

Admit it; you have wondrous, vivid dreams about what it would be like to transform yourself into a denizen of Quahog, gallivanting with Family Guy characters the likes of Herbert the Pervert and…well, my dreams just involve me and Herbert. But I’m sure there are some other characters you would like to befriend, too.

Now, that dream is a reality thanks to Family Guy Online. It allows you to upload a picture and have it transformed into an avatar in the likeness of a Family Guy character. From there, you take your avatar and play a 3-D multiplayer game, which is a great way to run out the clock on a Friday afternoon.

Of course, many celebrities have already been run though a Family Guyzer of sorts by appearing on the show, and it hasn’t always been pretty. If a star has a notable feature, it’s often grotesquely exaggerated to hilarious and cruel proportions. So that “beauty mark” mole you have? That thing could sprout hair and start talking just like Chris’ pimple did. Just ask Gary Busey and Renee Zellweger. Scroll through the pics above and see for yourself.

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