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In Honor Of Lindsay Lohan: The Playboy Covers Of The Stars

Here is a sample of all the nudity you will not be seeing in "tasteful" Lindsay Lohan pictorial spread.

It wasn’t scheduled for release until next week, but wouldn’t you know it… Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy cover has leaked online early. Along with statements from her publicist. How could this ever have happened? Maybe the armored truck that was transporting the photo was high-jacked by bandits or something.

Anyway, the cover features a naked Lindsay straddling a chair shaped like the Playboy logo with the chair back hiding the good parts. Also not pictured, the photo assistant in charge of Windexing that chair between shots.

Lindsay will debut the entire spread on the December 15th episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I think we all know whose decision that was…

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