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In A Nod To Javier Bardem’s ‘Skyfall’ Hair: 15 Instances Of Awesomely-Bad Movie Wigs

Finally, a haircut that's as bad as the "actor." (Adam Sandler - That's My Boy)

Poor Javier Bardem. Such a handsome Spaniard, often buried under a wig that looks like a dead animal. He made a name for himself as Anton Chigurh, the Dutch Boy-haircutted psycho in No Country for Old Men, and will be reappearing before audiences worldwide as Silva, the big bad in the latest James Bond film, Skyfall.

While Bardem has appeared in many acclaimed films between the two, it‘s clear from the set pics of Skyfall that he appeals to mainstream audiences only when befitted with a terrible, terrible wig.

Of course, it’s not that strange a phenomenon. Some of the most lauded roles in Hollywood have been played by actors and actresses in terrible wigs. However, there is a definite hurdle to clear when wigs go from “terrible” to “terribly awesome.” Let this list serve as an inexhaustive inventory of the latter. Bad hairstyles that manage to go all the way around and be great again.

Let’s go through this list and appreciate bad hair, so long as we don’t have to wear it or date it.

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