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I Wish ‘Cars 2′ Looked As Awesome As Its Poster Art

I am not excited about Cars 2. The first one was Pixar‘s weakest effort, in my humble opinion, and the trailer for Cars 2 doesn’t lead me to think this outing will be any better. That said, holy f*ck, check out these badass new¬†Cars 2 posters.

The first one’s inspired by classic Bond movies. Now I’m tempted to fashion my Corolla with a giant evil monocle, just to see what would happen. (Answer: probably not much of anything.) The other two posters are part of their “Cars visit other locations in the 60s” series, and they’re beautifully drawn.

Cars 2 races into theaters Jun 24. I’ll wait ’til they make a 2D movie based on these posters. (Cinema Blend)

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