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If you’ve opened your eyes or unplugged your ears over the last couple of weeks, you’ll remember that I Love You, Man opens tomorrow.  All the posters have been celebrating the "bromance" between Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, and have been shunning Rashida Jones, who plays Rudd’s fiancée, Zooey, in the film.  This is a travesty, but we are here to remind you of how great Rashida Jones is.

You may remember her from The Office as Karen Filipelli, Jim’s O.G. (that’s original girlfriend, thank you.)  She’ll also be appearing in NBC’s upcoming Amy Poehler, Aziz Ansari-starring Parks & Recreation.  And she went to Harvard.  So she can beat you at chess.  Check out some photos of Rashida and a clip from her appearance on the brilliant online series, Wainy Days, after the jump.



Here’s the clip from Wainy Days, comedy genius David Wain’s show:

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