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Hot Stills From NBC’s Cold And Dead ‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot

2 photosAdrianne Palicki Still Looks Less Hot In 'Wonder Woman's' Revised Costume

Adrianne Palicki is hot. You can bitch all day about whether Wonder Woman‘s costume should have stripes or short-shorts or an eagle on her ass. Though her various outfits may have sucked, I could stare at that super-cleavage all day. Is that one of Wonder Woman‘s abilities? Maybe I’m thinking of Power Girl.

Above are some nice-looking stills from NBC’s “Wonder Woman” pilot, which was not picked up for series. It did sound kinda terrible. Reports were that the pilot felt more like a David E. Kelley show than Wonder Woman, which makes sense, given that David E. Kelley was the Executive Producer. Still, there’s a review from iFanboy saying the pilot he got his hands on wasn’t terrible. A relatively positive review shining out of the dark clouds of internet criticism and cancellation? That definitely takes super powers to pull off.

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