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Eliza Coupe

Fans of the later”Scrubs” episodes got a pleasant surprise last week when Eliza Coupe showed up on NBC’s “Community” sporting a pair of dark aviators and a pantsuit. The actress, who portrayed intern Jo Mahoney on the last two seasons of “Scrubs,” was playing a secret service agent tasked with interrogating “Community” favorite Abed. The role was left open to possible future appearances, but if that doesn’t happen, Coupe fans can see her on the upcoming ABC series “Happy Endings.”

A word from Eliza: “I think the terminology used in this industry is hilarious. I had a meeting the other day, and someone actually said in conversation, ‘Cut to next week.’ I looked around and was, like, what? Are we in a movie script right now?”

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  1. March 3, 2011 11:07 am

    Donalyn Fei

    I’m not naughty, just behaviorally challenged.


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