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Couple Of Bros Broin’ Around On ‘Contraband’ Set

As a guy who spends 70% of his day looking at pictures of Kate Beckinsale, these Beckinsale-less Contraband set photos are a real punch in the gut. You don’t have to worry about themĀ  giving away any major details. Unless you consider Mark Wahlberg and Lukas Haas disobeying Louisiana state traffic laws a major detail. The actors can be seen broin’ out in the back of a mud-spotted pick-up truck. They’re just asking for a ticket if they insist on traveling that way.

They’re more than likely discussing an “Entourage” role for Haas. I’m sure the writers would be willing to write an especially spindly character into the plot. He could be the anti-Turtle. (JustJared)

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