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Comic-Con 2011: John Cusack On The Case In ‘The Raven’

While we wait around for the trailer, Comic-Con 2011 has been nice enough to preview these looks at The Raven. Look at John Cusack there. He’s just investigating the crap out of those crimes. It’s no wonder FilmNation was so excited to work with director James McTeigue again.

As previously reported, The Raven stars John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe in the final days of his life. Luke Evans plays a detective who teams with Poe when a vicious serial killer kidnaps the author’s really hot fiancee (Alice Eve) and begins modeling his killings after Poe’s work. Talk about commitment from a writer. I doubt you’d see Tucker Max on the scene with a magnifying glass if a killer were to start murdering women in the douchiest ways possible.

The Raven opens in theaters March 9th, 2012. (Bloody Disgusting)

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