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Comic-Con 2011: Hot Cosplay Girls (Day 1)

The first day of Comic-Con 2011 isn’t even half over, and I’ve already seen some pretty amazing things. Keep in mind I usually work from home, so actually seeing sunlight and other human beings is pretty amazing, in my opinion.

I’ve seen a life-sized R2D2, Mr. Hulk Hogan, and a guy in a homemade minotaur outfit. And while I could post pictures of all of these things, the fact of the matter is you don’t give a damn. The only Comic-Con related galleries you care to look at involve scantly-clad cosplay girls. Don’t deny it. But don’t worry, the rest will come later.

Well, give the people what they want, that’s what I say. Here’s a gallery of the hottest cosplay babes we’ve seen so far.

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