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Clooney Laughs ‘N’ Screams In ‘Ides Of March’ Set Photos

Laughing, shouting, pacing around while thinking – these are three of the many actions we’ve come to expect from George Clooney‘s actor toolbox over the years. In these set pics from the upcoming Ides of March, the Cloon does not disappoint. If the film has this many different verbs acted out, I’m sold. More so if they’re acted out in 3D.

Clooney co-wrote, directs and stars in – get ready to use your “shocked” face for a moment – a politically themed movie based loosely on Howard Dean. Originally a play by Beau Willimon, Ides of March is about an idealistic press secretary (Ryan Gosling) who falls victim to the big, bad Washington machine. At one point, Gosling is literally captured and eaten by a giant machine wearing an Uncle Sam hat. But not really.

The cast is impressive. Besides Clooney and Gosling, the film also stars Paul Giamatti, Jeffrey Wright, Marisa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood. They’re eyeing/idesing a December 2011 – January 2012 release. (/Film)

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