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Charlotte Ross

It’s hard to say exactly what role Charlotte Ross will play in Drive Angry 3D, but we do know she’ll tangle with Nic Cage in a cheap motel room at one point or another. Ross got her start in the late 1980s with a role on “Days of Our Lives” and hasn’t strayed too far from television since then. She’s done bit parts on “Married With Children“, “Birdland”, “ER”, and “Frasier” among other notable series. In 2003 a role on “NYPD Blue” that called for her to show her bare buttocks on television caused a stir among censorship fogies, resulting in FCC fines of $27,500 for each of the 52 ABC stations that broadcast the contentious episode. How risque.

A word from Charlotte: “I’d rather go naked than wear fur.”

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