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‘Cars 2′ Posters Are Probably Much Classier Than ‘Cars 2′

Cars 2 is the rare Pixar movie I’m not excited about at all. I didn’t think Cars was very good, but if selling dump trucks full of Cars toys, Cars pencil toppers, and Cars cars – actual automobiles with eyes inconveniently painted on the windshield – allows them to make more WALL-E‘s and Toy Story 3‘s, then sell away.

However, here is something to get excited about, toon nerds. These new posters from Cars 2 are classy. As in, you could buy them framed at a Bed Bath & Beyond classy.┬áSeriously, though, the shading and retro style are truly magnifique on these concept arts turned posters. I still probably won’t see it in theaters, but now I wish Cars 2 slightly better success than I did before. You’re welcome, John Lasseter. (Cinema Blend)

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