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Brains vs. Booty: ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Zombie Art

Dead men tell no tales, but apparently undead men can have their own pirate ship and smoke a pipe. That doesn’t sound so bad to me, though I’m not down with the weird skin.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides features zombies. I’m not referring to Johnny Depp, who might be on brain-dead cruise control for the 4th Pirates outing. I mean that Captain Jack Sparrow will have to fight mermaids and zombie pirates in his crew’s next voyage.

Unlike pirates and ninjas, pirates and zombies are not exact opposites, and therefore it’s possible to combine them. Need proof? Here are some concept art images Disney released, as a preview of what’s to come when Sparrow and pals reach the Fountain of Youth. In this movie, Sparrow must ultimately fight the notorious Blackbeard, but maybe these zombies eat beards as well as brains. Advantage: Johnny Depp.

On Stranger Tides zombie-sails into theaters May 10th in 3D. (/Film)

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