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Bonus Features: Tuesday’s Links for Dummies

Above you’ll find the new poster for the sure to be incredibly shitty rom-com, The Ugly Truth. See, it’s clever because it suggests that women love with their minds, while men just want to get their junk wet. I didn’t know it was possible for Hollywood to "reboot" a bumpersticker, but they’ve done it. I heard the next Batman movie poster is going to have a picture on the Dark Knight holding onto a ledge with the words, "hang in there!" written hilariously across the bottom. Here are some less angering links.

You know David Fincher make kick-ass movies, but are you familiar with his commercials? You can be. (Wall Street Fighter)

I have no idea what movie this is, but if it involves people kung f fighting on BMX bikes, I clearly need to see it. (Holy Taco)

One time I tried reading Oliver Stone’s novel and it was absolutely terrible. I guess the fact that it was like $2 in the clearance bin should’ve warned me, but I was too blinded by how much I liked Natural Born Killers. Apparently he hasn’t gotten to be less of a douche since then. (Film Drunk)

The zombie pin-up calendar sounds like a much better idea than it actually is. (/film)

These 15 questions prove that Harrison Ford is just as grumpy as ever and doesn’t want Shia to be the next Indy. (Moviefone)

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