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Bonus Features: Ralph Wiggum Is Rich

I guess all of that Simpsons money should be more than enough to buy Ralph Wiggum a nice Bimmer, but he doesn’t have to flaunt it like that. Cartoon characters are real, right? I hope so. Otherwise all of that stock I bought in the Planet Express delivery company isn’t going to be worth much. But then again, I guess no stock is worth much right now. Take that economy! Here are some links.

If you were excited at all about the Dragonball movie, you probably won’t be after watching the trailer.

I was bound to give in and post a list on Paul Newman movies at some point. Here’s one from AV Club

Harrison Ford claims that George "Toy Boy" Lucas is working on the next Indy movie. Let’s hope there are no vines in this one. (LA Times)

Netflix is holding a contest to see who can sit and watch movies for the longest consecutive time period. I’m pretty sure my old roommate in college broke this record once by watching all three Star Wars movies for a week straight instead of going to class. (Gothamist)

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