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Aw Man, The Muppet Movie Has Hipsters

Jason Segel and Amy Adams film a scene from the new muppet movie in front of the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Pictured: Jason Segel and Amy Adams

Ref: SPL233996 131210
Picture by: London Entertainment / Splash News

Splash News and Pictures
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New York:212-619-2666

We have photo proof that hipsters have been loitering around the set of the new Muppet Movie. The muppet in question goes by the name of Walter and probably listens to bands named after the sounds that pots make when they hit the floor. It was once believed that Michael Cera would provide the voice of Walter (the hipster cherry on top), but in fact the muppet’s puppeteer Peter Linz will take on the task. Nice headband, Linz. Are you the frontman for The Clanks? (Bleeding Cool)

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