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Ashley Jones

“House” actress Ashley Jones isn’t the most recognizable actress, but she maintains a distinct, dedicated following, primarily among fans of her soap opera work. The thirty-four-year-old actress, whose first credited role was an appearance on “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” in 1993, appeared on “The Young and the Restless” for two years before moving on to other TV roles, eventually ending up in a recurring spot on”True Blood” for a year and a long-running role in in “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

A word from Ashley: I’m hoping to have a few overlaps and see if I can convert a few “True Blood” fans or a few [“The Bold and the Beautiful”] fans to tune into the other show.”

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    I thought Ashley Jones was great in HOUSE. She is becoming more recognizable. Slowly but surely getting bigger and bigger. And I love that she has such a range!

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