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AMC’s ‘The Killing’ Gets Release Date, Super Serious Photos

AMC has a reputation for television excellence, and as a result each announcement of a new series is met with frenzied anticipation, much like the anticipation of the latest batch of sweet sweet crystal meth from Breaking Bad‘s Walter White (had to fit in that reference somehow). Anyway, the next series to make people on the internet lose their shit is “The Killing,” based on the Danish TV series “Forbrydelsen,” which is probably Danish for “this will make you wonder why you ever pay to go to the movies.” It’s set to premiere on Sunday, April 3rd at 9 PM, so keep that day clear of any less-important events like the birth of your firstborn or a major terrorist attack. To keep you sated until then, check out these very serious looking photos from the show. (via Collider)

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