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Abby Elliott

If you hadn’t seen Abby Elliott before her “Saturday Night Live” debut in 2008, you weren’t alone. She was only 21 when she joined the cast, a relativ unknown picked to replace the outgoing Amy Poehler. The daughter of former “SNL” player and noted slapstick aficionado Chris Elliott, the younger Elliott became a hit once she started to get more face time on the show, flaunting the celebrity impressions and comedic timing she honed while training at Hollywood’s legendary Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Don’t be surprised if you see her moving toward big-screen status in the next few years. This chick looks like she’s going places.

A word from Abby: “It’s a good time to get to know everybody on [SNL] and who they really are; the jocks and the dweebs and the stoner-girls.”

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  1. February 1, 2011 11:01 am


    She’s Chris Elliot’s daughter
    Sam Elliott is the guy in roadhouse

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