Monday, March 14 by

Abbie Cornish

Well known for her work in her native Australia, Abbie Cornish looks poised to affirm her place as an American film presence over the next several months. She’s set to appear alongside Hangover favorite Bradley Cooper in Limitless, out this Friday, after which she’ll take the action world by storm with a starring role in girl-centric fight flick Sucker Punch when it premieres next week. With the range to jump between romance, comedy, and all-out bullet-flying action, Cornish certainly seems ready for big-name stardom.

A word from Abbie: “Wheneve I am acting, it’s everything, you know. If I’m researching a role, I’m completely consumed in that and, between action and cut, I live in this suspended time. It’s a really amazing experience and the only other thing I get it from is music.”

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