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16 Real Life Superheroes Who May Or May Not Make You Feel Safer


The arrest of Benjamin Fodor, the Seattle-area vigilante who fought crime as superhero Phoenix Jones, has been arrested for assault in connection with his use of pepper spray on a group of people while attempting to prevent a fight.

The incident has rattled a small community of mostly anonymous "real life superheroes" who, in costume patrol their neighborhoods, often simply performing charitable work in character, but sometimes taking crime-fighting upon themselves. Needless to say, this creates something of a legal gray area. I would take this opportunity to point out that Batman faced that very same struggle, but I really don't think we need to romanticize their cause any more than they already do for themselves.

It would seem that in the wake of the arrest, many are coming forward saying that the have been pepper-sprayed by Phoenix Jones, though it's impossible to know if the accusations are true and if the spray was warranted. Many are calling for Superheroes to be held accountable for their actions, by legit law enforcement officials or even through the institution of a high-order committee to oversee the actions of the vigilantes. One look at the gallery below may cause one to hesitate in giving these people free reign over their neighborhoods, but I'm in favor of any alternative to cops. While we might not know their philosophies and codes, we can judge them the way I'm most comfortable judging everything: on appearances. Take a look at these real civilian crimefighters in their garb and prepare to feel safer.

Or less safe. Whatever.
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