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A new column that will highlight some of the choice entertainment gizmos available for your enjoyment.

Tom Cruise Runs Across a Skyscraper Like a Badass for ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’
Wednesday, November 3 by

I gotta give mad props to Tom Cruise for spitting in the face of death. The actor recently ran across a building like a ninja for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. And it wasn't just any building. It was the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building the world. He could have used a stunt double instead of dangling 124 floors above very hard, real ground, but Cruise prefers the authenticity that comes from doing stunts himself. I get queasy peering over my apartment's third floor balcony, so I suppose Tom Cruise just made me look like a little bitch. Good for you, Cruise. I deserved to be taken down a peg.
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Mark Ruffalo Will Mo-Cap The Hulk In ‘The Avengers'; Doesn’t Understand Technology
Monday, September 27 by

When mumbly actor Mark Ruffalo was hired to take over the Hulk reins from Edward Norton in Marvel Studio's The Avengers, it was assumed he'd only appear as a drowsy-looking Bruce Banner. Now he's let it slip that the Hulk will appear like he just woke from a catnap as well. Ruffalo tells Vulture:
"I'm really excited. No one's ever played the Hulk exactly, they've always done CGI. They're going to do the Avatar stop-action, stop-motion capture. So I'll actually play the Hulk. That'll be fun."
Stop-motion capture? Is that like taking a photo?
This should be interesting to see. Ruffalo seems too laidback to pull off the Hulk's rage, but I think he could surprise us. Then again, he's never performed in such an effects-heavy film before, and has no experience acting against nothing. Unless, of course, you count Jennifer Aniston.

‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ Massive Wand Battle Preview
Friday, September 17 by

There’s probably not much news about the Harry Potter films. If you’ve read the books, that’s probably going to be in the movie. But then, maybe you’re one of those who complain they didn’t film every single word of the book, so you want to manage your expectations. Well, Gemma Jones, who plays Madame Pomfrey, told us a little about the big magic battle in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II.
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Maria Bello Gets ‘Carjacked’ By Stephen Dorff
Friday, August 27 by

Don't just stand there, you guys! Do something!
Stephen Dorff is all set to carjack Maria Bello. No silly, the actor isn't turning to desperate measures, he's got an honest-to-goodness job. Carjacked revolves around “a single mother and her child who are carjacked by a thief who has no intention of letting them go.” Ron Perlman and Saffron Burrows were once set to play the jacker and jackee, but execs had a hard time believing anyone would stay in a car with Ron Perlman all night, even against their will. The man's a great actor, but me oh my, what a face.

Take the car, take the kid, whatever you want! Just stop breathing on me! (Collider)

Pic of Jason Momoa as ‘Conan’ in Mid-Swing
Saturday, July 3 by

'Bout time we see Jason Momoa causing pain as Conan the Barbarian. The first pic released showed him, what looked like, smelling a fart, completely not covered in someone else's blood. I'm not sure why water is spraying at him in the above pic, but my guess is one of those barrels they place on the side of the highway clipped him while he was trying to make the exit, and he had to lay the smackdown. If this movie is about Conan battling an army of road barricades it's going to be awesome. (/Film)

‘Fraggle Rock’ Script Needs More Sex and Violence
Tuesday, June 15 by

Have you ever watched an episode of "Fraggle Rock" and thought, "Hey, this shit needs to be more f**king edgy and gritty, like I am, beotch!" If so, you're in luck.Director/Screenwriter Corey Edwards has taken to the interwebs to complain that the Weinsteins are squeezing him out of the 'Fraggle' script because his version is “not edgy enough.” I enjoy working with other writers and have no doubt that the RIGHT person could help make any script better. But to not even ask me? Adding insult to injury, the search is basically an open assignment. This means the net has been cast wide, virtually posting in the “classifieds” of the movie business. The Fraggles do not deserve such treatment. Now, I like "Fraggle Rock" as much as the next unoriginal retro-addicted douche bag, but I'm not exactly sure what type of treatment Fraggles "deserve." It's not like we're talking about the regular Muppets, here. If the Weinsteins was to remake Bad Lieutenant with the "Fraggle Rock" gang, I say let 'em. They're animals anyway, so let them lose their souls. (SlashFilm)

10 Fun Movie Drinking Games
Thursday, May 20 by

All of you love watching movies. Many of you probably also enjoy the act of drinking cereal-malt and distilled beverages that you can  purchase once you’ve reached the age of 21. Throw the two together with some friends (if you have none, works just as well) and you have yourself one excellent early-evening activity. Since you can make a game out of pretty much anything that plays on a screen (ads, soap-operas, etc), the following are a few of the better “battle-tested” samples:             Dazed and Confused

First Pics of Gary Busey Spawn!
Friday, May 7 by

Hey everyone, meet Luke Sampson Busey! Proud papa Gary Busey introduced his 10-week-old son on Thursday evening's "Entertainment Tonight." Girlfriend Steffanie Sampson is the person responsible for bringing another Busey into the world on Feb. 23. My sources tell me world leaders are gathering at a secret summit this evening to decide how to proceed.

‘Green Lantern’ Casting Gives Us Reasons to Download Blake Lively Pictures
Monday, January 11 by

 The resemblance is uncanny.Blake Lively and her pants will be traveling to Louisiana to star opposite Ryan Reynolds in Martin Campbell's Green Lantern. Lively beat out both Jennifer Garner and Keri Russell to play the role of Carol Ferris, the aerospace firm VP who hires Hal Jordan to pilot her test rocket. It is while piloting this rocket that Jordan is bestowed the power of the Green Lantern. Of course it seems like a stretch to cast a 22-year old as the head of an aerospace firm who later becomes the super-villian Star Sapphire, but somehow I don't mind. Though I am slightly confused whether I should have a nerd boner or a regular one right now. (THR)

Gary Busey’s Girlfriend Pregnant. Science Shudders.
Thursday, December 10 by

Busey On Board.You'd think he'd have had a court-ordered vasectomy by now but it is being reported that Gary Busey is going to be a dad again. This requires that Gary Busey be allowed near a vagina, but who would sign off on that? The actor/knife aficionado Busey, who once snorted cocaine off a dog's back, announced at the Crazy Heart premiere that his girlfriend Stephanie Sampson is carrying his child. So if you see Busey in the woods handing out cigars to wolves within the next nine months, be sure to congratulate the proud papa. (WENN)

Wednesday, July 22 by

  Out of the 30,000 movies produced each year only 700 see theatrical distribution. If you do the math correctly, that means that there are exactly one gazillion movies that very few people see — movies that have their own charms whether those charms be a skewed sense of humor or a dude jacking off onto a chicken. For every watered down family-friendly blowstravaganza like Wild Hogs, there's a truly brilliant gem that has only found itself a small but loyal group of fans. We've turned over a few rocks and come up with trailers for ten crazy little cult flicks.  RUBIN AND ED

10 Classic Topless Scenes
Monday, May 18 by

In an effort to earn a PG-13 rating and rake in larger box office returns, director McG rocked perverts the world over with the announcement that he had removed Moon Bloodgood’s topless scene from Terminator: Salvation. Once a very vocal supporter of the chesty inclusion, he backpedaled, citing that it felt “gratuitous” and he “didn’t want to convolute the story or the characters.” It was a normal day like any other when I heard the sad news. But once I caught wind I just sat down on the sidewalk and began to weep whilst a city full of heartless boob-haters rushed to and fro all around me. But it taught me to appreciate the great nudity that did survive the editing room. Below are ten topless scenes that have had a great impact on us all, as a people.

Friday, March 20 by

By Mark L. Lester, D.G.A.

Thursday, March 19 by

By Mark L. Lester, D.G.A.

Wednesday, March 18 by

  By Mark L. Lester, DGA Chances are, you’ve seen Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger because it is, without a doubt, the greatest film of all time.  I should know.  I directed it. Naturally, a lot of people stop me on the street and ask, “Mark, how did you ever make a movie as great as Commando?”  I usually smile and say I just happened to be holding a bottle in the middle of a lightning storm.  They always laugh.  I bet you did, too, because you realize that this film wasn’t an accident, just like Jesus wasn't an accident.   It took real vision to pull off, starting with the theme of a parent’s love for his child, and the lengths he will go to to get her back from a wily South American dictator.  Also, it has explosions, and a rockin’ saxophone-driven soundtrack that really gets the people moving in their seats. Of course, that’s not even the half of it.  But after wrapping production on Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon for television, I had an opportunity to reflect on what we achieved, and really figure out what makes it all so timeless.  So here I am, baring my soul to you, the adoring public, for nothing in return.  This is more than just the only film school you’ll ever need.  Think of it as a free version of The Secret.  Think of it as your all-access pass inside the Greatest Story Ever Told.  For the next three days, I will take you through Commando, my magnum opus, my gift to humanity. Let us begin with Part One. MAGIC STARTS WITH OPENING CREDITS… And so begins the ballad of John Matrix, played pitch-perfectly by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  In the opening moments, we see Arnold’s instincts from his past life as a soldier person.  Sweating, he masculinely chops wood with a hatchet, but also sneakily eyes the moving form in its reflection.  We think he is going to harm the shadowy figure behind him, but then he drops the axe and turns to hug… his daughter, Jenny (Alyssa Milano).  This is called narrative economy: setting up a killing machine with compassion – in two shots.  The sequence that follows – with wonderful flute and string accompaniment, I might add – puts any expository opening credits to shame.  We see how much Matrix cares about Jenny because he lets her smash ice cream into his face.  While developing the backstory for Matrix, Arnold and I decided that in his past, Matrix once was the victim of ice cream to the face by a Russian spy, and carved out his trangressor’s heart with a hunting knife.  So, it takes an immense amount of love for Matrix to not do the same to Jenny, even though she’s only playing.  That’s character development. SETTING UP THE STAKES In this scene, we set up the bond between father and daughter by showing that John is in touch with his daughter, Jenny’s lifestyle.  He uses his knowledge of what’s tops on “pop culture street” in order to develop a playful rapport with Jenny over sandwiches.  It’s here that Matrix’s verbal wit shows its face for the first time, as he wryly asks Jenny about pop idol Boy George, “Why don’t they just call him Girl George?”  This is something Arnold came up with on set, and it was such a perfect adjustment.  It really won over the studio, who had originally given me notes to "not have Arnold speak" in the film. But Arnold’s questioning of Boy George’s sexuality is thought provoking, albeit a tad juvenile.  And Jenny’s retort – “That’s so old, Dad" – is such an honest moment.  The young child never wants to admit she’s been one-upped by a parent.  Matrix, ever the model father, is then sure to temper his immature remark by following up with a socio-political lesson.  “In East Germany, the Communists said that rock and roll was subversive.”  It’s no doubt that Jenny was head of the class in her school with such a worldly teacher constantly serving up “wisdom food” like that!

13 Craziest Gary Busey Moments
Wednesday, October 22 by

Gary Busey is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum, elegantly paired with a fetching scarf of just-plain-batshit-crazy. Every morning, he dusts his balls with a talcum of nutjob powder. Then, he goes out into that big world of Hollywood and just starts blowing people's minds. Here are a few of our favorite Gary Busey moments.

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