Favreau Talks About ‘Iron Man’ Having No Secret Identity
Thursday, January 21 by

Just before the credits rolled on Iron Man, Tony Stark revealed to the world that he is indeed the armored hero. In the sequel, the filmmakers explore the effects of living in public view by likening the life of a superhero to that of a celebrity. Director Jon Favreau discussed this parallel with the Los Angeles Times: "Robert had strong points of view on these things. He was propelled quite publicly to a much more successful station and we were able to draw upon that. We were able to comment on the phenomena of celebrity as we know it today."… "It allowed us to draw upon our experiences and certainly Robert's experiences." Robert's experiences? Does that mean that we can expect to see Iron Man blow rails off hookers while wearing a Wonder Woman costume? Seems to me that's what he's hinting at. You can quote Favreau on this one you guys. (LA Times)

Finally Wear ‘Star Wars’ on Your Feet, Yo
Wednesday, January 20 by

Adidas is coming out with a new Star Wars collection of their Originals, and apparently they thought Snoop Dogg and Daft Punk were the perfect way to sell it. Now that I think about it, that IS the perfect way to sell it. This Imperial March remix will be stuck in my head for days…Try these links on and see how they feel.Holy Taco Prank Calls Noah the Intern (HolyTaco)Askmen.com's Top 99 Women of 2009 (AskMen)Kobi and Brandi Prom Pic Selling on Craigslist (TotalProSports)MySpace Girls are Like Trashier Facebook Girls (TheChive)21 Awesome Life-Sized Legos (Maxim)10 Reasons Action Stars and Children Shouldn't Play (Moviefone)'Event Horizon' as an 80s Theme Song (FilmDrunk)10 Actors Known for Their Commercials (Pajiba)Tiger Woods Spotted in Sex Rehab (CelebJihad)10 Most Perverted Characters in Movies (Unreality)8 Beatles Songs for Angry Young Men (Asylum)6 Video Game Vixens Who Should Have Given More (RegretfulMorning)Why You Should Lie at Work (MadeMan)The Secret to Jimmie Johnson's Success (AllLeftTurns)Streaker Gets Taken Down by Po-Po (NothingToxic)ManBear Part 1 (Atom)

Ryan Reynolds Vlogs in New ‘Buried’ Trailer
Wednesday, January 20 by

Director Rodrigo Cortés unveils Buried this week at Sundance and now we have a short trailer. Well, it's more of a Flip video really. Whereas most YouTube journals discuss cute boys or the tedium of schoolwork, this one gets a lot more bummerific by discussing being buried alive in Iraq with only 90 minutes to live. LOL, I guess. It's still funnier than Lisa Nova.No word yet on a wide release date but expect one soon. It seems like an interesting movie with a strong premise. Haven't we all wanted to see Ryan Reynolds in a coffin at some point? (MTV)Dig the trailer up after the jump…

15 Celebrities as Na’vi
Wednesday, January 20 by

We found a McDonald's Ireland site that lets you Avatarize yourself, so of course we turned celebrities into Na'vi. Enjoy the fruits of our stupidity.Whoopi GoldbergWillem DeFoeTilda SwintonMichael JacksonCarrot Top

Will Ferrell will be Conan’s Last ‘Tonight Show’ Guest
Wednesday, January 20 by

Will Ferrell helped Conan O'Brien start his run on The Tonight Show, and now he's going to help him end it. Conan will be retiring from NBC this Friday night after calling the network home for seventeen years. When Ferrell appeared on Conan's first Tonight Show episode he was carried out on stage by Egyptian slaves. This time I'm hoping he carries out a box of Molotov cocktails and him and Conan go apeshit on that shiny new studio Jeff Zucker built him. Sure, audience members might be harmed in the process, but there's nothing like a few charred tourist corpses to get your point across.Here is Conan's final guest line-up:Wednesday, Jan. 20: Adam Sandler, Joel McHale and musical guest Joss Stone Thursday, Jan. 21: Robin Williams and musical guest Barry Manilow Friday, Jan. 22: Tom Hanks, Will FerrellTom Hanks is going to be there, too?! Oh man, that place would burn to the ground. (Movieline)

‘True Grit’ will be Released in the Heart of Awards Season
Wednesday, January 20 by

And the winner of the 2011 Oscar for Best Picture is… True Grit. Oh sorry, I was future-writing again. The Coen Brother's True Grit hasn't won any awards yet (nor has it been filmed or finished casting) but Paramount is showing a lot of faith by setting the remake up for a Christmas Day release.Jeff Bridges is set to star as Rooster Cogburn, the drunken U.S. Marshal originally played by John Wayne, as he teams up with a 14-year old girl to avenge her father's murder. Matt Damon and Josh Brolin are also on board as a Texas Ranger and the murderer respectively. There's a lot of talent involved here and it looks like a definite contender even this far out.Bridges has a good shot at finally winning his Oscar this year with Crazy Heart. So who knows? Maybe next year the role will bring him Oscar glory like it did for Wayne. Then he'll become a member of the back-to-back winner's club. A club that hosts Luise Rainer, Spencer Tracy, Katherine Hepburn, Jason Robards, Tom Hanks, and Zac Efron. Sorry. Future-writing again. (Variety)

10 Best January Releases of All Time
Wednesday, January 20 by

We all know January movies suck. That’s why it’s so surprising and notable when a decent one gets through the first month of the year, let alone a downright good one. So maybe this is like rating the top 10 dictators less evil than Hitler, but since we’re stuck in January for another two weeks it’s at least nice to remember that there’s still hope for good movies. And I’m not talking about the Oscar movies that go wide in January or foreign movies that happen to get their U.S. release in January. I’m talking about movies intended to open in January that somehow turned out well.10. Hostel

Sony Hires New Director for ‘Spider-Man’ Reboot. Who Will Be Their Peter Parker?
Wednesday, January 20 by

After creative differences with Sam Raimi ground Spider-Man 4 to a halt, Sony decided to salt the earth and start over with a new story and a new director, one they could push around. (500) Days of Summer's Marc Webb is that guy!Webb is signed on to get bullied by the studio for one film with an option to do more if he's a good little bitch. From Webb:"I think the Spider-Man mythology transcends not only generations but directors as well. I am signing on not to 'take over' from Sam. That would be impossible. Not to mention arrogant. I'm here because there's an opportunity for ideas, stories, and histories that will add a new dimension, canvas, and creative voice to Spider-Man."After releasing this statement, Columbia chairman Amy Pascal said, "Good boy, Marc," before patting him on the head and giving him a juicebox. (Variety)

Call 976-SUDS Now
Tuesday, January 19 by

This commercial offers lonely housewives a chance to hear all the latest pre-recorded daytime TV news. Ladies can use this service when their husbands have torn the Soap Opera Digest by beating themselves to death with it.Hang up and dial 976-LINKS.25 Hot Trekkies (HolyTaco)Tennis Ball Boy Pees Himself (TotalProSports)More Hot Hotties of Facebook (TheChive)Crazy Heart vs. The Wrestler (Moviefone)Crazy Uncle Mel is Doing Vikings (FilmDrunk)That Hot Girl on TV During Football (Maxim)Post-Avatar Syndrome (SuperTremendous)100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes of All Time (Pajiba)Heidi Montag's New Plastic Surgery Face (CelebJihad)Battletoads 3D Has Arrived! (Unreality)Glow-in-the-Dark Bed Fit for an Avatard (Asylum)7 Unforgettable People You'll Meet at the Gym (RegretfulMorning)The NFL's Hottest Cheerleaders (MadeMan)Trick NASCAR Pool Shot (AllLeftTurns)

Bill & Sam are Gonna Makeout and Stuff on ‘True Blood’
Tuesday, January 19 by

You don't need to read my mind to see my boner. In True Blood's idiotic second season finale, Bill needed to save Sam by squirting him full of his magic vampire blood (SPOILER ALERT). Well, who knows who will be squirting what in the new season. Show creator Alan Ball tells Michael Ausiello that the vampire and shapeshifter now share "not just any connection, an erotic connection," as a result of the transfusion. Ball wouldn't disclose how erotic the scenes will be, but let's assume the monster-mashing is nestled somewhere near Van Helsing and New Moon on the Gay Monster Scale, or GSM as it's more commonly called. (Ausiello Files)

DVD Review: ‘The Bourne Series’
Tuesday, January 19 by

If you’re like me, and you’re still not convinced you should shell out the extra cash for a Blu-Ray player (case it point: my “revolutionary” mini-DV player is now worth $4 on Craig’s List), then the re-release of the Bourne Series on flipper discs is a good compromise. Like Jason Bourne himself the three discs don’t quite know what they are— DVD on one side and Blu-Ray on the other—which actually is perfectly fine with me: I won’t feel like a moron adding an obsolete DVD or un-tested Blu-Rays to my library. Read more after the jump.

‘Piranha 3D’ Trailer Looks Better Than Expected
Tuesday, January 19 by

All right Screen Junkies, time to put on your 3D glasses and get ready to witness the mayhem of Piranha 3D. In this trailer you'll see the — what's that? You don't have 3D glasses? Well, you're supposed to be ready at all times. These are the post-Avatar days we're living in afterall.For those of you who did come prepared, please enjoy this blurry look at a sh*tty movie that tries to sell you on the combined star power of Elisabeth Shue and Jerry O'Connell. Last week we heard it has had its release date pushed back maybe indefinitely. Moreover, if it does ever come out, word is it won't be in 3D anymore. But hey, BOOBIES!!!And on a sidenote, how are you going to make a movie about piranha where a guy on a jet ski rolls under the water's surface and doesn't emerge as a skeleton? That's just lazy filmmaking. (Pajiba)Check out the trailer with the little scary fishies after the jump…

Hustler’s Making an ‘Avatar’ Porno. Duh.
Tuesday, January 19 by

The "Reverse Na'vi-girl" has already been perfected. Someone over at Hustler had the brilliant idea to turn the second (soon maybe first) most profitable movie of all time into a porno. Give that man a promotion! In addition to Hustler, he must have an endless subscription to DUH!!!!!! Magazine.The nakey, sweaty, blue-smeary version of Avatar will be called This Ain't Avatar XXX, and it's just one of a few forthcoming porn parodies from Hustler. They also plan to "produce" This Ain't Curb Your Enthusiasm XXX, This Ain't Glee XXX, and This Ain't CSI XXX: Chatsworth. Another genius must by scribbling these names down feverishly in the titling department.In fact, the titles are confusing and misleading altogether. Is this NOT Avatar XXX? Does that mean it's just the Avatar without all the moaning and thrusting? If I'm browsing the shelves of my favorite adult bookstore for the latest Avatar porn why would I want to buy the one called This AIN'T Avatar XXX? I want This IS Avatar XXX. I want the IS! All of the blue, long-tailed, pointy-earred filthy IS they can crame into one poorly executed film! Just don't give it to me in 3D. My senses aren't prepared for that onslaught… (Empire)

‘MacGruber’ Red Band Trailer Explodes in Your Face
Tuesday, January 19 by

Today we have a first look at MacGruber, courtesy of this red-band trailer. Will Forte displays a swagger that is as equal parts Richard Dean Anderson as it is David Hasselhoff. Looks like a fun movie. It's filled with danger, intrigue, explosions, and Upper-Deckers. Just like one of Michael Bay's house parties.On a sidenote, did Val Kilmer hire Steven Seagal's stylist and Kirstie Alley's trainer? Rumor is that they needed the jaws of life to get him out of his trailer every morning.Check out the age-restricted red band trailer at here.MacGruber stunt-rolls in to theaters April 23rd, 2010.

Road to the Oscars: ‘Up in the Air’
Tuesday, January 19 by


‘Paranormal Activity 2′ Hires a ‘Saw’ Director
Tuesday, January 19 by

Last year's low-budget horror hit Paranormal Activity has been greenlit for a sequel. But how do you make a sequel to such a stripped-down film who's genius was found in it's simplicity? You hire a director known for their heavy-handed and overwrought filmmaking style.Saw VI's Kevin Greutert has been brought on board by Paramount to water down the scares and crank up the third-tier rap rock. Greutert was editor on all of the Saw movies and apprentice editor on Ernest Scared Stupid so we should be in really capable hands. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on October 22nd, 2010, which leaves little time. Somebody get a Godsmack cover-band on the phone!! (THR)

James Cameron Envisions Rack of Tasty Na’vi Meat
Monday, January 18 by

Avatar won Best Picture last night on The Golden Globes, and James Cameron celebrated by staring at Zoe Saldana's boobies, or possibly the invisible basketball she's holding. Cameron sees things that aren't there, a side effect from his attempt to give Arnold Schwarzeneggar acting skills.Here are today's tangible links.25 Funny Billboards (HolyTaco)Peyton Manning Snaps at Jeff Saturday (TotalProSports)Jade Raymond is One Hot Geek (TheChive)The 25 Best Action Movies (Moviefone)Hot Women of Religious Movies (Maxim)The Abriged Avatar Script (FilmDrunk)15 Celebrity Yodas (SuperTremendous)Best Foreign Language Films of 2009 (Pajiba)Confirmed: Steven Spielberg is a Jew (CelebJihad)Busters. Myth Busters. (Unreality)10 Most Mantastic Moments in Black History (Asylum)29 Pictures of Hot Babes in Star Wars Outfits (RegretfulMorning)Inside the Mind of Motocross's Larry Linkogle (MadeMan)Danica Patrick Mega-Gallery (AllLeftTurns)Fat People Fight! (NothingToxic)Best if Chicago Sketchfest (Atom)

Stupid Rumors Round-Up
Monday, January 18 by

You know it's a slow news day when I've got to break out Whiplash the Monkey Cowboy. The news today is all last night's Golden Globes, Christina Hendricks's globes, and vague tabloid rumors. Here's a round-up of everything that probably isn't going to happen in the world of entertainment.Tobey Maguire is Bilbo Baggins – He's denied the rumor before but now that Spidey 4 is dead, some say that Tobey Maguire will be cast in The Hobbit. But those people are British, therefore liars. (The Sun)Robert Pattinson is Spider-man – Robert Pattinson (or R-Patz as I refuse to call him) is tabloid fodder created merely to give young girls and Adam Shankman something to talk about. The studio-controlled Spider-man reboot will be undoubtedly mishandled but I doubt it's going the Tiger Beat route. (Star Pulse)Wes Craven Might Not Direct 'Scream 4' – Come on, Wes. David Arquette NEEDS you. (MTV)Sigourney Weaver Hints at 'Avatar' Sequel Involvement – After all the crap she's put out there about Ghostbusters 3, you need a PKE-style Bullsh*t Meter to corroborate her stories. (MTV)

Mark Strong Considering ‘Green Lantern’ Role, Jackie Earle Haley Considering More Distracting Facial Hair
Monday, January 18 by

The attractiveness of castmembers for Martin Campbell's upcoming Green Lantern is no longer in jeopardy. Reports last week that Jackie Earle Haley was the front-runner for the role of Sinestro have been debunked by the director. MTV asked Campbell about the Haley casting rumor and he responded,"What? No. That ugly old thing?? No way. I'd sooner cast that hulk from Precious."Well, he didn't exactly say that. But he totally wanted to. You can tell. Check it out."No. That's completely wrong. In fact, we're in negotiations with Mark Strong to play Sinestro. He's not only a wonderful actor, but he looks like Sinestro. If you look up old pictures of Sinestro, he's very like him. The Jackie Earle Haley thing, somebody told me about it this morning; I had never heard it before in my life."Mark Strong is on a hot streak. Between Sherlock Holmes, Kick-Ass, and Green Lantern (and rumored sequels), he'll be Hollywood's official villian (behind Jeff Zucker). Somewhere, Andy Garcia weeps. (MTV)

New ‘Inception’ Pic Features Leo Trapped in a Painting
Monday, January 18 by

Leo DiCaprio is on the hunt for Salvador Dali in this new pic from Christopher Nolan's Inception. I don't know if that's what's officially happening, but since Inception and LOST both choose to give us NOTHING before their premieres I only have my ridiculous assumptions to go on. In an interview with the L.A. Times, Christopher Nolan said that Inception was a larger endeavor than The Dark Knight, filming in no less than six countries. I'm guessing the above pic was taken in China, because I've never been there and I like to imagine China looks like a melted oil painting. Christopher Nolan went on to say, "I think we've put a lot of different things into the pot with this one. I grew up watching James Bond films and loving those and watching spy movies with their globe-trotting sensibility." The L.A. Times describes the film's premise as corporate espionage by way of dream invasion. Sweet. It's like John Grisham rewriting The Firm totally baked. Now if only he'd rewrite A Time to Kill while under the influence. Matthew McCaughnehey's character would be TOTALLY the same.

2010 Golden Globe Winners
Monday, January 18 by

"Maybe swinging by Taco Bell before the show was a mistake on my part."Last night at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards, host Ricky Gervais talked about his penis and helped hand out some statues. Avatar won for Best Motion Picture Drama and Best Director. Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow dominated for their work on Dexter. The Hurt Locker walked away empty-handed. Maybe the film will have better luck at The Academy Awards where the winners are based on merit, not studio checkbooks. *almost keeps a straight face*CHECK OUT THE FULL LIST OF WINNERS AFTER THE JUMP…

NBC Wants Custody of Conan’s Masturbating Bear
Sunday, January 17 by

NBC and Conan are working out the details now for his exit from the network and The Tonight Show. It's now believed that NBC will not enforce the no-compete clause in his contract and allow him to set up shop at another network, but he won't be taking his recurring characters and sketches with him. Inside sources say that NBC is keeping trademarked elements of Conan's shows as part of the exit deal. Characters like Masturbating Bear, Pimpbot 5000, Vomiting Kermit, Coked-Up Werewolf, and Horny Manatee (why didn't he connect with old people?!) will never appear again nor will sketches such as If They Mated, In the Year 3000, and Desk-Driving. It's unclear if Robert Smigel's Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is effected in this deal. I'm certainly looking forward to when Conan sets up elsewhere with a new slew of characters like Masturbating Deer, Pimpbot 6000, Sharting Kermit, and Coked-Up Werewolf Wearing Groucho Glasses. (THR)

Photos from the Set of Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Predators’
Saturday, January 16 by

Somehow streams of daylight make Predators look…less horrifying. Here are a few shots from the Robert Rodriquez written and produced sequel Predators. The film is directed by Nimrod Antal, and stars Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, Topher Grace, Danny Trejo, and Walton Goggins. I hope once the sun slips behind the horizon the Predators above take on a more if-I-ever-came-face-to-face-with-one-of-these-things-I'd-sh*t-my-pants-instantly look.Predators hits theaters July 7th, 2010. Check out more pics after the jump.

Photobomb Fridays: ‘The Rock’ + Squirrel
Friday, January 15 by

Real cute, squirrel. Prepare to get f*cked. 25 Crazy Pizzas That I'd Eat (HolyTaco)Girl Flashes Hockey Players, Boosts Morale (TotalProSports)Hot Girls with Hot Tattoos (TheChive)A Skateboard Movie for People Who Like Drugs (FilmDrunk)The Golden Globes Drinking Game (Moviefone)20 Politicians Making Fart Noises (Manofest)Denzel Washington Career Assessment (Pajiba)Alessandra Ambrosia and Miranda Kerr in Lingerie (CelebJihad)The Straight Facts on Video Games (Unreality)The 'Bitch Slap' Girls Talk About Their Boobs (Asylum)Girls are Bad at Sound Effects (RegretfulMorning)Beer Tour: New York (MadeMan)Shaved-Back NASCAR Guy Update (AllLeftTurns)Criminal vs. Cops in Prison (NothingToxic)Tiger's Transgressions Game (Atom)

There’s Still a Chance That Mr. T Will Appear in ‘The A-Team’
Friday, January 15 by

Somebody on the Nobel Committee please rush an award to this picture.While discussing the unnecessary DVD release of Smoking Aces 2, Joe Carnahan hinted to UGO that Mr. T may indeed appear in his upcoming The A-Team. This is, of course, contrary to earlier reports.UGO: Why isn’t Mr. T. doing a cameo? Joe Carnahan: I don’t know that he’s not, brutha, I don’t know that he’s not! That book is not yet closed.  Benedict and Schultz are in it, the thing with T is that he’s very vocal that he didn’t want to play anyone other than B.A..This leaves us wondering what roles the cast of the television series will play in the film. Will Mr. T play B.A. Baracus's hyperactive, feather-earring wearing father? Or perhaps they'll go the Star Trek route and he'll play the future version of B.A. that Face meets in an ice cave after nearly being eaten by a bizarre, vagina-faced ice monster. Either one makes sense. (UGO)

New ‘A-Team’ Photos Show Off Special F/X Innovations of 1989
Friday, January 15 by

There's a batch of new photos for The A-Team online. Here's a list of things peculiar/wrong with the picture above:1.) Rampage's eyeline.2.) Green-screen FAIL.3.) Videogame tanks.4.) This was filmed on the set of MacGruber.5.) Rampage's eyeline.This does not bode well for Rampage's acting skills. He can't even look at the same sh*t everyone else is looking at. The craft services guy must be carrying around a tray of mini quiches. (via Coming Soon)CHECK OUT THE REST OF THE PICS AFTER THE JUMP.

‘Tekken’ Movie Trailer Debuts. Can I Buy Tickets Now???
Friday, January 15 by

"Don't look like much." Truer words were never spoken.Ah, it wouldn't be winter without a crappy video-game adaptation. From Dwight H. Little, the director who brought you Halloween 4 and Anacondas, and Alan B. McElroy, the writer of Spawn and The Marine, comes TEKKEN! Why'd they hire those guys? Is it supposed to be intentionally bad so that nerds will attend monthly Tekken midnight screenings and throw things at the screen? If so, why are they trying to round up all the nerds?? And who's going to clean up all those chop sticks off the theater floor? (Teaser-Trailer)Witness the opus after the jump…

The Sci-Fi Years That Weren’t
Friday, January 15 by

Can you believe it’s already 2010? When we used to think about that number, it seemed like a year far off in the future. So did a lot of other years when sci-fi writers and filmmakers set their stories in the future. Here are some of the best sci-fi years that didn’t turn out as planned, and looking ahead some speculation about where we’re going.1984 (Set in 1984)

Jenna Fischer Cast in Farrelly’s ‘Hall Pass’
Friday, January 15 by

Last week we reported that the Farrelly Brothers would bang out a quick Owen Wilson comedy while waiting for their Three Stooges project to work out its kinks over at MGM. Hall Pass tells the story of a man in a dull marriage who is granted a one-week furlough by his wife to sleep with as many women as he wants. Today comes news that underrated hot chick The Office's Jenna Fischer will play Wilson's wife. Things get complicated in the relationship when Fischer begins to exercise her own "hall pass" priveleges. The movie begins production Feb. 23 in Atlanta, which will substitute for New England. Because if there's one thing that New England is known for, it's their Coca-Cola plant and black people. (THR)

Teaser for HBO’s ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Looks Like the Bee’s Knees
Thursday, January 14 by

Teaser for HBOs Boardwalk Empire – Watch more Funny VideosFresh off the teaser for HBO's series Treme, here's a tiny glimpse of Boardwalk Empire that's sure to get you addicted to Sunday night TV programming again. The show was adapted for televison by Terence Winter, an Emmy Award winning writer of The Sopranos, and the pilot was directed by none other than Martin Scorsese. The series chronicles the rise of New Jersey city in the 1920s, focusing specifically on Steve Buscemi's character Nucky Thompson, who historically ruled the boardwalk and its borders during the time of prohibition. Boardwalk Empire premieres on HBO this Fall. Be grateful for repeals and these links.25 Hardcore Pets (HolyTaco) World Cup Stab-Proof Vests On Sale Now! (TotalProSports) Hot Chicks in Jerseys (TheChive) Denzel's Venn Diagram (Maxim) CNN is Tardy to the Avatard Party (FilmDrunk) Rediscovering the Wilhelm Scream (Moviefone) Jimmy Fallon is the Winner of the Late Night Wars (Pajiba) Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez are Dating (CelebJihad) Most Memorable Fictional Drugs in Movies and TV (Unreality) Girls in Bikinis Doing Yoga on Your iPhone (Asylum) Pics of Nevaeh Eden and Guitar Hero (RegretfulMorning) How to Survive an Earthquake (MadeMan) Johnny Greaves Record Truck Jump (AllLeftTurns)

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