Trailer Confirms 'Something Borrowed' Will Be Something Terrible

Sitting through an entire 2 hours of this might give a guy a vagina. The trailer for Something Borrowed is NSFD: Not Safe For Dudes. I could feel my Y-chromosome get attacked just watching the trailer, so sitting through an entire 2 hours of this might give a guy a vagina. This movie is competing against Thor the weekend of May 6th, so buy your tickets to Thor early. That way, when you go with your girlfriend to see Thor but it's sold out, she won't be like, "come on, let's see something I wanna watch for once." I'm telling you: a vagina. In the film, Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love) plays Rachel, a single lawyer. Of course she's a single lawyer. According to romantic comedies, all women are single lawyers. Anyway, she accidentally betrays her alpha-lady BFF Kate Hudson by sleeping with her fiancee Colin Egglesfield (the apparently shitty new Melrose Place), who she knew in law school. All the while, The Office's John Krasinski has been thoroughly friend-zoned/emasculated in the best friend role, and I'm pretty sure his character isn't gay. Just... asexual? In a word: yikes. The movie is based on a book by Emily Giffin and directed by Luke Greenfield. (Yahoo! Movies)