The 'Repeaters' Trailer is Like 'Groundhog Day' Without All the Laughter

I like Groundhog Day, but I hate to laugh. If only there was a movie that met my needs! Finally, my prayers have been answered thanks to Carl Bessai's Repeaters.

The film plays with the Groundhog Day stuck-in-a-time-loop concept, but twists it into a "aggressive, fast-paced thriller "that addresses the morals of starting over with a clean slate every day in some of the most extreme ways.

If you ask me, this concept is long overdue. Every time I watch Groundhog Day, I wonder why Bill Murray doesn't lash out at the townspeople in a violent, consequence-free orgy of blood and mayhem. And I've found myself pondering that question on a regular basis ever since my doctor started weaning me off Wellbutrin. (First Showing) Watch the trailer for Repeaters, the evil Groundhog Day, after the jump...

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Your Day Will Get Better With This 'Muppets' Trailer

It was smart of the producers to cast Chris Cooper. People who like Muppets generally also really like Chris Cooper. Going into production of the newest Muppet film, titled simply, The Muppets, star and writer Jason Segel promised to handle the institution with the respect it deserves in another full-length trailer. The biggest news from this trailer would be that we get a look at Walter, the newest member of the gang. Where do new Muppets come from? Bulgaria? Burning Man? It's not addressed in the trailer, but I'm guessing we'll find out. However, when the parade of guest stars was announced, it was easy to be a little skeptical of Disney's intentions. Was this film going to actually have something to say, or would it simply be a crass remake appealing to the lowest common denominator? From the trailer, it appears to be the former, more or less. Sure, the involvement of NPH and Jack Black doesn't exactly scream "integrity," but there premise seems cute and likable, much like the fuzzy character themselves. Sure, there are some chickens doing a musical rendition of C. Lo's "Fuck Forget You," but beyond that, it maintains a timeless quality that its predecessors had. Also worth noting is a late appearance by Chris Cooper, who we at Screen Junkies desperately hope is reprising his role as the closeted disciplinarian from American Beauty.


The Inflatable Barney Went Apeshit During The Thanksgiving Day Parade

His spirit can never be tethered. I guess I hadn't watched the TV coverage of the Thanksgiving Day Parade in the past decade or so, but I was shocked to see what a bizarre orgy of lip-synching, fake smiling, and just general terribleness it was. I don't know why I was expecting anything less, but it was off-putting. Of course, there were still a few moments that made all the banality and pageant-level smiling worth it. Like Barney thrashing around despite the Herculean efforts of the ground crew tasked with keeping him from escaping into orbit, warding off alien invasions for the next seven millennia.


Kate Winslet Is Following Her Vagina's Every Whim Again In 'Labor Day' Trailer

This film reminds me of 'The Iron Giant'. But with pie sex. In Jason Reitman's Labor Day, Kate Winslet once again plays a character who complicates her existence by jumping into bed with the wrong person. This time, it's Josh Brolin's sexy escaped convict who takes she and her son hostage. Before long, Stockholm syndrome and horny mommitis take over leading Winslet to attempt to build a life with the fugitive killer after discovering he can not only satisfy her physical needs, but do so while baking a pie. That's just showing off. Between the time period and the boy having to stay one step ahead of the law in order to protect their house guest, this film reminds me of The Iron Giant. Except for the pie sex.


Craziest Grafitti Fight You’ll See All Day

As far as superpowers go, the ability to morph into a two-dimensional wall painting ranks somewhere between “might be cool to try once” and “mostly pretty lame.” That doesn’t make this video any less awesome. As far as superpowers go, the ability to morph into a two-dimensional wall painting ranks somewhere between “might be cool to try once” and “mostly pretty lame.” That doesn’t make this video any less awesome, though, because when you pit two wall-painting-morphers together in a fight to the death, shit gets real. Courtesy of computer animation outfit Corridor Digital (the same tech savvy viral video jockeys who brought you Cheats In Real Life), this high-energy short follows a spurned artist on his quest for vengeance against the d-bag jock who dared deface his work. The conflict quickly shifts into the realm of the digitally bizarre when both hero and villain reveal their latent wall-morphing abilities and proceed to wreck on one another via som kick-ass weaponized graffiti. Imagine two Banksy pieces coming to life and developing a nasty taste for video game-inspired violence. (Buzzfeed)


It's Toby's Day In This New 'Eastbound & Down' Clip

An all-too-brief glimpse into Phase 3 of Kenny Powers The new season of Eastbound & Down, premiering tonight on HBO, is the third and final chapter in the saga of Kenny Powers. And like all epic final chapters, it apparently involves a baby's (his name is Toby) birthday party. Check out the above clip for an all-too-brief glimpse into Phase 3 of Kenny Powers. Luckily, you only have to wait a few hours to see the whole episode, tonight at at 10 PM EST/PST on HBO.


'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' Teaser: We've Missed You, Bryan Singer

Nails it. What a difference a director who knows what the f*ck he's doing makes. In just two minutes and eighteen seconds, Bryan Singer has managed to wash the bad taste of X-Men 3, Wolverine: Origins, and 65% of X-Men: First Class out of our mouths. Though I'm sure the final film will barely match the somber tone of this trailer, it plays exactly the right notes. In a bit of a switch-up from the comics storyline, a future version of Wolverine has his consciousness warped back to his 1970's body in order to warn young Professor X and young Magneto about the danger that awaits them and all of mutantkind in the form of Peter Dinklage's sentinels. It's a really interesting direction to take after the light and fun First Class. I'm really digging young Xavier's struggle now that he's confined to a wheelchair and not able to use telekinesis to nail young, hot ass. Just imagine how dude's going to take it when he finds out he goes bald.