Sam Jackson Tricks You Into Watching Theater

Check out this trailer for HBO Films production of Cormac McCarthy's 'The Sunset Limited.' It stars Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson's character from 'Black Snake Moan.' Check out this trailer for HBO Films production of Cormac McCarthy's The Sunset Limited. It stars Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson's character from Black Snake Moan as two men yelling crap at each other in a room. The film is directed by Jones (at his saggiest) from a screenplay written by McCarthy himself. All the action takes place in one room after Jackson has saved Jones from getting mutilated by a train. After the incident, Jackson invites Jones back to his apartment to argue about religion and try on suits. Because that's what you do in those situations. But on a serious note, Samuel, it's time to clean your walls, dude.

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Spike Lee's Take On 'Oldboy' Has A Trailer!

"Revenge is a dish best served cold(boy)." That's what I would put on the poster. Taking on a film as beloved as Oldboy is no easy feat. Do you stick to what worked in the first one or offer your own twist, putting your signature on the remake, but risking alienating fans of the original? It appears here that Spike Lee stuck pretty closely to the aesthetic and thematic elements of the first one, with just enough of Spike's signature style to call it his own. It looks like Oldboy, and with such a strong cast, perhaps we should should upgrade the prognosis for this film from cautiously optimistic to excited.


Samuel L. Jackson Reads Some 'Boy Meets World' Slam Poetry On 'The Tonight Show'

NOSTALGIA ASSAULT! If you're a fan of wacky juxtapositions, you probably enjoy The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, what with its pop-culture reference and its various Roots members. Previously, Fallon had brought us back to teh world of Saved by the Bell on several occassions, but now they're skewing a year or two younger with some Boy Meets World slam poetry. Read by Samuel L. Jackson, natch. Keep it clean when you talk about Topanga, Sam.


Links Away: $@&^ Sam Jackson Says

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Christopher Lee Releases Yet Another Christmas-Themed Metal Album

Best voice in geriatric death metal. Hands down. It's that time of year again. Time to get your face melted off with Satanic merriment from the 92-year old star of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars films. Christopher Lee, who hands down has the best voice in the geriatric death metal set, is back with his third rocking tribute to Hell and the holidays. “Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing” is available on iTunes and wherever drudgy metal holiday anthems from Dracula are sold.


Sam Jackson Can't Save 'Arena' In This Trailer

Samuel L. Jackson's character gets the privilege of forcing Kellan Lutz to fight for his freedom. Jealous! This Arena trailer looks like the most nondescript low-budget action film I've seen in a while. It's got cheesy CGI effects, a trite one-word title, and it's even got a mediocre "star" in Kellan Lutz. However, Arena also has Samuel L. Jackson hamming it up to the stratosphere as some sort of powerful guy that makes guys like Kellan Lutz fight to the death. That's something we can all get behind. The plot of arena is that people are captured and forced to kill each other for the enjoyment of the internet and Sam Jackson. I'm sure there's more plot to be offered, but none more needed. If Kellan Lutz fights and wins nine more times, he gets to go free. But let's be honest for a second. (Kellan Lutz: If you're reading, skip to the next paragraph. If you're illiterate, tell the guy reading this to you to skip to the next paragraph.) Nobody gives a rat's ass about Lutz. We're hear to see Samuel L. act like the Joker, Richard Dawson, Nic Cage, and Tyra Banks all rolled into one.


Kathie Lee Asks Martin Short How His Dead Wife Is Doing

"Good, not great," is how I would have responded. In a moment that's so very Kathie Lee, it pretty much is the culmination of her existence, here's a clip of The Today Show in which Kathie Lee asks Martin Short how his wife's doing. His wife died two years ago. As cringeworthy as the clip is (and it's really hard to imagine more embarrassing innocent mistake on live television), he answers in a very touching way that reaffirms his love for her after raising three kids. Short even had the class not to call her out on her mistake till after the commercial, instead just talking about how much he loves her. Martin Short: Making lemonade. Kathie Lee: Being stupid.