Man In Dog Suit Not Embarrassed To Be Seen With Elijah Wood

Pills, cigarettes, sex dolls, and holes dug in the backyard. It's the closest we'll ever get to a Charlie Sheen reality show. Pills, cigarettes, sex dolls, and holes dug in the backyard. No, it's not a Charlie Sheen reality show. It's actually a promo for the comedy that FX saved from the wilds of Australia. Elijah Wood stars in "Wilfred," a show about a guy and a dog except the dog is actually played by a guy in a dog suit but everyone who is not Elijah Wood sees a normal dog instead of a guy in a suit. So, like, when the guy in the dog suit smokes or uses a shovel, do non-Elijah Woods see a dog with a cigarette in its mouth or shovel in its paws? And what about the bipedal walking thing? You gotta hand it to him though, Elijah Wood does make a great John Arbuckle.

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Deeeeeeeerp! Jack Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway star in Love & Other Drugs, a romantic comedy that isn't afraid to rom-com it up in every aspect possible. Gyllenhaal plays a charming Viagra salesman who tricks a free-spirited Hathaway into taking her shirt off. After she beats him with a suitcase, they go get a cup of coffee, and the rest is history. The cheeseball lines, the music, the sappy on-screen text, the emotionally distant male protagonist whose resolve is broken by the emotionally distant female protagonist -- it's got it all. Why couldn't their casual arrangement of sex with no strings attached just have remained casual?! Because love got in the way, Silly. Ed Zwick, who has been taking on period pieces such as The Last Samurai and Defiance as of late, directed the film, which I suppose could still be considered a period piece, meaning you have to be able to have one in order to think it looks good. Love & Other Drugs hits theaters November 24th. Check out the trailer after the jump... Love and Other Drugs Trailer - Watch more Movie Trailers


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It's nothing these characters can't sing their way out of. In case you thought that Into the Woods would be the rare effort by Chicago and The Nine director Rob Marshall that DIDN'T have a ton of'd be totally wrong. After giving us a few non-musical peeks at the film, the movie's true colors shine through as we see lots and lots of singing. Singing from Anna Kendrick (which we've seen before), singing from Chris Pine (not sure if we've seen that), and singing from a decidedly unkempt Meryl Streep. Lots of singing all around. How does it look? It looks good. Pretty much what you'd expect for a fairy tale musical. I don't know if it will resonate with the Screen Junkies readership, but it might with their girlfriends or partners. Or moms. This might be big with moms. However, there's still Meryl Streep playing a bad guy, which is always a delightful thing to witness. (THR)


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Gosling's The Guy Behind The Guy In 'The Ides Of March' Trailer

Politics aren't all just fun and games and intern sex. [post-album postid="221901" item="6"]Ryan Gosling learns that politics aren't all just fun and intern sex in the trailer for George Clooney's The Ides Of March. Sure, there is some fun and intern sex to be had, but there's also hard moral decisions and dirty pool. The story is loosely based on the primary run of Howard Dean, and follows Gosling as he uses tactics he disagrees with to try to get Clooney the Democratic nomination over Philip Seymour Hoffman's rival senator Paul Giamatti also stars as Hoffman's campaign manager, Marisa Tomei plays a New York Times reporter, and Evan Rachel Wood plays the intern with whom it is fun to have sex.


Look At Paul Rudd Looking At The 'Ant-Man' Suit In This Marvel Teaser Video

The only way this clip could be any more awesome was if he actually did something! Everyone loves Paul Rudd. And everyone loves superhero costumes. (Shut up. Yes they do.) So it stands to reason that everyone will LOVE this Marvel Avengers and Ant-Man sneak peak that allows us to bear witness to Paul Rudd laying eyes on the Ant-Man costume. That's what Marvel has reduced us to. Quivering, petty people who get excited about a three-second shot of a Marvel character looking at something. Congratulations, Marvel. You also get a somewhat muscular Paul Rudd listening intently to a scientist-type guy. So, whether you like people looking at clothes, or people listening to scientists, there's something in this clip for everyone. Oh, and in case you, for some weird reason, DON'T love Paul Rudd, then maybe you can enjoy The Avengers portion of this sneak peek, which offers up a bunch of Downey and Renner. You hear that? RENNER!


Things Get Intense, Awesome In The ‘Straw Dogs’ Trailer

You've pushed James Marsden's buttons for the last time, Alexander Skarsgard. Straw Dogs was clearly a movie that did not need its story to be retold. Movie buffs lamented this remake as lazy and unoriginal. Perhaps they were right about the motivations behind the decision to remake the film, but, as this trailer demonstrates, the end result looks pretty intense and fun. This remake of Straw Dogs follows the same basic formula as the original, with James Marsden and Kate Bosworth playing the happy couple and Alexander Skarsgard playing the head baddie. Marsden and Bosworth get tormented by Skarsgard until the mild-mannered Marsden stands his ground, much like Dustin Hoffman did in the original. While the big star of this film is certainly the story, any questions as to whether direction and performances can live up to the original should be answered here. It's not the original, but it looks like a damn entertaining film. People should harass James Marsden much more frequently if this is the result.