Laugh In The Face Of Cancer With The ’50/50' Trailer

About time that somebody knocked that lousy disease down a peg or two. [post-album postid="30794" item="1"] Please stick around after the awkward introduction to watch the trailer for 50/50. Based on the true story of cancer survivor Will Reiser and directed by Jonathan Levine (The Wackness), the film looks pretty well done. Joseph Gordon-Levitt slaps on a cardigan to play Adam (based on Reiser), the cancer-stricken 27-year old who must learn to live with the disease. Seth Rogen addresses Reiser at the top of the trailer as one of his "best friends." But then he goes and co-stars as the goofy best friend. Is he imitating himself? Could be. Though at first I thought he was imitating the character Dan Fogler always plays.